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The Anatomic is JIN's latest evolution in technical stirrups. It features a patented, ergonomic footbed angled to contour the rider's foot, providing additional support and stability to foot, ankle and knee. The Anatomic is available in  silver, precious and a range of matte and shiny colors.



JIN Helmets are built with strength and safety in mind; protecting your most precious asset - your head. They feature a kevlar and fiber glass shell, and are 100% made in Italy. The strength of the shell allows for an inner foam that is softer and less dense, increasing the cushioning effect during a fall. Air vents are designed to increase interior air flow without creating dangerous obstructions that may catch or snag during a fall. The 2019 JIN helmet collection features 7 styles, each with many color options. 



In 2019, JIN launched a new Dressage Stirrup, exclusively designed for the dressage equestrian. With a thicker, heavier base, it  features an ergonomic foot bed with additional weight in the base. The Dressage Stirrup is available in silver, black and both silver and black precious (shown).



Durable and light, the JIN Hackamores are made in Italy. The anodic oxidization surface treatment provides a long lasting and colorful finish, and the lightweight aluminum ensures a softer feel for horse and rider.


~Allie Schmidt, ON

The lightweight feel and shape of these stirrups allowed me to correctly place and keep my balance deep in my heel while remaining on the ball of my foot.

~Liz Siadous, GA


Got the chance to jump a few horses yesterday and love the stirrups. The design is really perfect to give you great security in your lower leg. 

~Alex Green, TN

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