About Us


JIN Stirrups have been used by professional equestrian athletes and amateurs around the world since 2001. JIN was the first manufacturer to offer a stirrup foot pad designed with a wide and angled base, and now offers a range of color variations and models to meet many desires and needs.


JIN products are 100% made in Italy, in a small town one hour north of Venice. JIN's manufacturer, Filippo Pozza and his team, specialize in the precision mechanics field. Their values for quality and service, and their passion for safety and technical innovation are the building blocks of the JIN products that exist today.


JIN continues to challenge the norm in the development of innovative products, including the revolutionary Anatomic stirrup, Dynamik stirrup, Evol stirrup, Joker stirrup for children and the JIN helmet. JIN products are manufactured with a core focus on selecting premium quality components and precision assembly.